Why buy a post office as an investment?


      What they are buying is:

bulletSecure income for their retirement
bulletAn annuity for a grand child
bulletA secure alternative to the stock market
bulletA higher return than a bank CD
bulletAn investment for a self-directed IRA
bulletReplacement property for an IRC 1031/1033 exchange



bulletThe rent check comes on time.
bulletU.S. Postal Service checks do not bounce.
bulletThe U.S. Government has the world's strongest credit rating.
bulletThere is a  history of long occupancy and lease renewals.
bulletTenants do not usually intentionally damage the building upon vacating the premises when the lease is up.
bulletThe bank cannot put a hold on your postal service check, regardless of the amount.
bulletBuildings are designed to high government standards with the best materials.
bulletRefinancing is relatively easy at low rates because of the quality tenant.
bulletThere is usually a great demand for post offices, should you decide to sell in the future.