We will be pleased to assist you in securing competitive financing on our properties.


FINANCING OPTIONS- Over the years we have found several good sources of financing that specialize in post offices. The terms of the loan vary from one financing source to another and include the amortization term, period for  interest rate commitment, interest rates and transaction costs. 

Usually, a borrower will have a choice between a loan with a higher interest rate that will be fixed in time for the term of the amortization and a loan with a lower interest rate but having the interest rate fixed for a period of time shorter than the amortization period. Which is better? We are obviously trying to predict the future but let's look at some disadvantages of the loan with the longer term fixed interest rates.

bulletFees and closing costs are higher
bulletInterest rates are higher
bulletPrepayment penalties can be prohibitive in the event of a sale.

If you choose a shorter term loan you can protect yourself with various Wall Street hedges. You may also set  your interest savings aside as a reserve fund, if you wish. Just because interest rates have been high in the past does not indicate that rates will return to that high level during your holding period of the property.

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